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(Article) Letter To Upcoming Artists In Ghana - By Emoh


Most people in Ghana don't know good music DJs, radio presenters, bloggers, managers etc so if you are doing  music that is too advanced for the system, they rather tend to see you as not been good, some people here, they just buy anything the media feeds them, and starts to think its the standard, the reality is creativity is lacking in  the Ghana music, songs lack content, copying is also too much, we can still be trendy and still be innovative,
example if you bring Celine Dion to sing in Bukom or Jamestown (Accra) the residents there will not appreciate what she will do and they will also think she is not good, because they cant relate to it and their musical exposure doesn't match up to that, this is exactly what is happening in Ghana, bad music and wack musicians been considered stars and therefore neglecting the true and great talents, but don't be surprise when people don't side with this,  and don't give up just keep doing your good works, at the appointed time things will change.

By Emoh
(Music Artist)

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