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Flowing Stone Sacks Himself From His Job As Clinician

Flowking Stone Berlinplay videoFlowking Stone has performed on international stages too

Flowking Stone, one half of the group ‘Bradez’ has revealed that his reason for taking off his lab coat to don a music cloak full time, is simply passion.

According to the rapper, he initially thought it was possible to retain his day work as a lab technician and still sustain his passion fueled musical career but later released he was wrong.

After two years, Flowking admits the “lab was taking all my time, or most of time,” while his music paled in comparison.

According to him, his routine at the North Ridge Clinic, coupled with the hustle of commuting to and from work, afforded him barely enough time to handle everything at the same time.

This was all revealed in an interview with K Bonnah on ‘The Code’ interview session on YouTube.

The rapper’s final decision was to “look into the bottle with one eye, lest it broke,” he said in Twi, referring to his decision to settle on music only “because that’s my first passion,” he added.

Flowking Stone is most grateful to his fans and God for his success in the music industry and for his growth in the Ghana music industry which is usually not very fertile grounds for budding artistes.

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