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Kofi Sika Advices Tutulapato To Change or Advice His Manager - See Why


During an interview with the upcoming artist Kofi Sika at shata radio on the 21st of january 2018 which was saturday, the artist made it clear that some of the artist managers are the main reason why some of the artists careers are dying. He gave an example that we should take a good look at the talented kids hitmaker Tutulapato, his career is dying beacuse of his manager. He said he is saying this because if an upcoming artist wants to collaborate with his artist Tutulapato, the manager do not want to give the upcoming artist a chance. And if you try to call him then he starts insulting you. He said that a little advice he has for him is that it will be better if he gets a new manager or he should try and talk to his manager.

Kofi Sika Advices Tutulapato To Change Or Advice His Manager - See Why

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