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Mikki Bwoy drops new single".

"Mikki Bwoy drops new single".

As long as we live, music still rules, and the highlife act 'MIKKI BWOY' is on to release a new single titled 'Eat Ur House Matta' that is 'Di Wo Fie As3m' (in Twi)...
According to the artiste, The song talks against people who love to hate on others progress and also people who love to gossip.
The song was produced by Nana Agyemang who has also made impact in most some songs of few artistes...
#EatUrHouseMatta is an afro tune which u will surely love and dance to. We hoping it goes a long good way cuz there's a saying that 'nea )foro dua PA na y3 pia no' which means 'he who climbs a good tree is the one who is supposed to be helped', not to blow his own trumpet but because he believes in himself and he trusts the process... 'Mikki Bwoy' added > the song is a BangA and he is hoping it takes a little step forward.
Dropping the song on 10th January 2018 (newYearHit)

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